Mexico may build over 1 GW of PV plants next 5 yrs

Mexican energy regulator CRE has approved solar photovoltaic (PV) projects of 1,072 MW that could be installed in the next five years, local daily El Economista reported last Wednesday.

Including plants in operation and construction, the country could reach 1,222 MW of PV capacity, increasing the share of this technology to 2% of its current electricity mix.

Simultaneously, PV and small hydro units will each grow to 14% of total renewable energy, while the share of wind, biomass and biogas will decrease to 61%, 8% and 2%, respectively, based on permits issued until now.

With the new projects, the investments in PV generation will exceed USD 3 billion (EUR 2.39bn), according to Alberto Valdes, vice president of local solar energy association ANES.

Mexico’s Sonora, Guanajuato and Sinaloa state concentrate 49% of the solar projects, followed by Baja California Sur, Durango and Aguascalientes.

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