Microsoft adds 315 megawatts of new solar power

This, in largest corporate solar agreement in the United States

Microsoft has purchased over 315 megawatts of energy from Pleinmont I and II, two new solar projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This represents the single largest corporate purchase of solar energy ever in the United States and will enable Microsoft to make significant progress toward its goal of reaching 60 percent by early 2020.

The Pleinmont projects are part of a larger 500-megawatt solar development, owned and operated by sPower, an AES and AIMCo company.

Once operational, Pleinmont I and II will consist of more than 750,000 solar panels spread across more than 2,000 acres, and produce approximately 715,000 MWh a year.

At 500 megawatts, the full project will be the largest solar project in Virginia and is equal to the entire amount of solar power currently produced in the commonwealth. It will also rank as the fifth largest solar project in the country.

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