Major milestone for energy storage in the United States

A joint report by the SEIA and GTM Research finds that the United States has now added the capacity to store a billion watts of power for one hour and a forecast indicates this could be doubled in 2018.

The new report finds that installations of energy storage—overwhelmingly dominated by lithium-ion batteries—grew 27 percent to 431-megawatt hours in 2017.

But the growth is expected to be more than double in 2018, up to 1,233-megawatt hours (or 1.233-gigawatt hours).

A gigawatt hour in this context refers to the ability to store or discharge 1 billion watts for the period of one hour.

Much of the subsequent growth has been inside homes but also at the scale of the electric grid, where batteries can help power companies decide when to deploy their growing store of electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar.

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