MoU in Nigeria unveils plans for 1.7 GW of solar additions

SeeNews | December 16, 2014 — Nigeria’s federal government has signed accords with three firms to hook about 1,700 MW of solar power capacity to the national grid, according to a statement issued on Monday.

Renewable energy company Solius NGPC has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) outlining plans to add 1,000 MW of solar capacity, starting with 100 MW at any location recommended by the Ministry of Power.

Peoples Home Association, on the other hand, will build 100-MW solar parks at five different locations for a total of 500 MW. This firm is also planning a solar research centre that is expected to create thousands of jobs.

Last comes Solar Force Nigeria Ltd, which intends to install 1-MW solar systems in 200 villages across six states.

The planned integration of solar power would help diversify the nation’s energy mix. All projects by the companies will be self-funded, the statement says.

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