Professional Solar Panel Installer – Texas and Oklahoma (Aztec Renewable Energy)

When properly installed, a solar energy system can reliably produce clean power for your home for several decades. When improperly installed, a solar system can become a headache.

Does using a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals) certified solar installer ensure a high-quality solar installation?

What is NABCEP certification?

NABCEP certified solar installers have passed a written test and have a certain amount of field experience. The test was developed by numerous renewable energy professionals with vast field and technical experience.

Although this certification helps ensure a certain level of knowledge, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the quality of the workmanship.

What can go wrong when installing solar?

If solar installers aren’t careful, roof issues can ensue or dropped tools from the roof can create safety hazards. Likewise, some installers take a one-size-fits-all approach and do not customize their installations.

This can reduce the return on investment of the solar system if the best equipment for the job isn’t utilized.

Also, if the solar system isn’t properly sized, the homeowner might not get as much value out of the system, or they might not be able to reach their goals of achieving net-zero living where solar energy production equality annual home energy consumption.

Does certification ensure a high-quality PV installation?

Certainly, many quality solar systems have been designed and installed by solar professionals that lack certification.

Although using a NABCEP-certified PV installer doesn’t guarantee a high-quality installation, it does indicate the installer understands the basics of solar and the National Electric Code. This is definitely a good indication that your installer will get the job done right, saving as much money as possible on electric bills.

Despite its name, NABCEP’s PV Associate exam will be offered in 97 countries. This will assist people throughout the world in finding qualified solar energy installers and make it easier for foreign solar energy experts to obtain NABCEP certification.

Sarah Lozanova, MBA.
Sarah Lozanova is passionate about the new green economy and renewable energy. Her experience includes work with small-scale solar energy installations and utility-scale wind farms. She earned an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio School of Management and is a co-founder of Trees Across the Miles, an urban reforestation initiative.

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