September 21, 2017 (pvbuzz media) — This historic endeavor now leaves only the United States and Syria as the two countries indicating that they will not participate in the agreement to tackle climate change.

Newspaper El Nuevo Diario reported that, on September 18, Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega said:

“We will soon adhere, we will sign the Paris Agreement. We have already had meetings addressing the issue and we have already programmed the accession.”

The president had originally opposed signing the accord because he believed its goals did not require enough sacrifice from wealthy nations, Bloomberg reports.

The move means that Syria, which is in the midst of civil war, as the only country not involved in the Paris agreement.

But President Trump has called the agreement a “bad deal” for the US and outlined his intentions to withdraw from the accord within the next four years, suggesting that US may soon stand alone with Syria.

The Hill reports that Trump is also the only world leader not to acknowledge the scientific consensus of climate change, according to a recent Sierra Club survey.

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