Nissan to sell solar panels and storage to homeowners

Nissan says homeowners could save up to 66% on their energy bills by using the service

While Mercedes Benz cancels its residential energy storage program because it can’t compete with the current market, Nissan plans to directly take on Tesla by offering homeowners in the UK, solar panels, and energy storage solutions.

The Nissan Energy Solar system will capture energy from the sun’s rays via solar panels, storing surplus electricity in optional ‘xStorageHome’ batteries for later use.

The batteries can also provide “seamless” back up during power cuts.

Nissan says its all-in-one system will start at $5,200 for six solar panels, or $10,300 for panels and a 4-kWh battery, including installation.

For perspective, the Tesla Powerwall, which can store 13.5 kWh, costs $5,900, but installation is extra.

Some homeowners will have the option to choose between a brand new battery or a “second-life” pack made from cells that have been retired from electric vehicles but remain good enough for the more gentle demands of daily storage.

Nissan will provide a 25-year warranty on the batteries, a 10-year guarantee for xStorage systems with new batteries, and a five-year warranty on xStorage systems with reconditioned batteries.

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