Norway produces 98% of its electricity from renewable sources

In Norway, 98 percent of the electricity production come from renewable energy sources. Hydropower is the source of most of the production.

Norway is a significant oil and gas exporter. But almost all its electricity comes from renewable sources.

Hydropower is the backbone of the Norwegian energy system. Norway has been using hydropower since the 19th century.

Since then, the Norwegian hydropower has become an increasingly important part of the Norwegian society.

It’s now the biggest producer of hydropower in Europe. Wind and thermal energy are also growing.

In 2013, Norway produced 134 terawatt hours (TWh) electricity. One TWh equals one billion kilowatt hours (kWh).

By comparison, the Norwegian capital, Oslo, consumes around nine TWh each year.

Norway agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by ‘at least’ 40%. It hopes to eventually become a carbon neutral nation.

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