Nova Scotia announces solar rebates program—homeowners to receive $1-per-watt

The government of Nova Scotia has announced a new rebate program aimed at helping homeowners looking to save money on electricity by installing solar panels.

The “SolarHomes program” will provide a $1-per-watt rebate to homeowners or about 30 percent of the installation cost of a solar electricity system.

The average rebate will be about $7,000, and the maximum will be $10,000.

The program will be administered by Efficiency Nova Scotia and funded by the province’s commitment of $14 million per year for four years to Nova Scotia from the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.

The province is putting in $3 million a year for four years to support the fund, and Nova Scotians are contributing more than $15 million a year through residential electricity rates for programs that increase renewable energy use and make homes more energy efficient.

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