Solar Energy experts say Nova Scotia could cease coal reliance by 2030

Solar energy will represent a crucial stake in helping Nova Scotia meet its ambitious greenhouse gas emission targets.

Across the province, solar energy use has increased 300 percent says the energy and mines minister Derek Mombourquette.

More than 500 families have added solar power generation to their homes and it’s anticipated that will grow even more, as government rebates are phased in and more contractors join the workforce.

“We’re investing $16 million over four years, so our target is up to 2,000 homes will be part of the program and so we know that growth is going to be there,” said Mombourquette.

Last year, there were 13 licensed solar installers working across the province, today there are 57 and it’s part of the growth of the emerging green economy and the work being done to reduce our carbon footprint.

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