Nova Scotia launches solar rebate program at $1.00/watt—approx. 30% of system cost

Rebate capped at 40 percent of the overall system cost to a maximum value of $10,000

Efficiency Nova Scotia (ENS) has launched its SolarHomes residential solar rebates program.

The rebate is $1.00/watt for eligible solar photovoltaic systems. For most systems, the rebate will equate to approximately 30 percent of the cost of the system.

The average rebate is expected to be about $7,000. The maximum rebate is $10,000, or up to 40% of the eligible system costs (excluding HST).

On top of that, the average homeowner can expect to save about $1,300 per year on their electricity bill.

Rebates will be available for systems installed after June 25, as long as they meet program criteria, or were approved and installed under the Halifax Solar City program.

Rebates through SolarHomes are expected to complement solar financing programs.

Program funding comes from the Government of Canada’s commitment of $14 million per year for four years to Nova Scotia from the Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.

The province is investing $3 million a year for four years to support the fund. Through residential electricity rates, Nova Scotians are investing over $15 million a year for programs that make homes more energy efficient.

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