Panasonic announced a strategic partnership with Enphase for the development of high efficiency AC Modules (ACMs).

To support this partnership, the 320W Enphase IQ 7X Microinverter™ offers compatibility with Panasonic’s N Series Photovoltaic (PV) Modules HIT® (N325/N330) and will be made available to distributors starting May 2018.

The Enphase IQ 7X Microinverter is compatible with Panasonic’s HIT® modules, and the partnership will continue with the co-development of AC Modules (ACM) that will offer significant advantages to integrators and installers.

When combined with the Enphase Envoy™ Gateway, AC Combiner 2.0™ with built-in Revenue Grade Meter (RGM) and disconnects, the Panasonic-Enphase ACMs will provide highly advanced PV systems to homeowners and quick installation time for integrators and installers.

Compliant with Rapid Shutdown Requirements of NEC 2017, the company claims the IQ 7 Microinverter System will significantly lower overhead costs and offer homeowners a safe residential PV systems solution.

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