Power Supply Station installed in Indonesia as part of the project /West Kalimantan

Panasonic has announced it has kicked off a project for people living in off-grid areas that combines educational activities to promote understanding of electricity and provision of the company’s related products.

This new initiative aims to support the creation of a sustainable society where each individual living without access to the power grid can lead an independent life.

The Off-grid Solutions Project is part of Panasonic’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, celebrating the centennial of the company’s founding this year.

Panasonic will donate its products such as solar generation and storage systems, provide education and technical training to cultivate human resources, and help develop local business models taking advantage of electricity.

Intended for communities in Asia and Africa with a large off-grid population, Panasonic will work with NGOs and NPOs that are making efforts to resolve societal issues these communities face.

Starting in Indonesia (January 2018–December 2019), Myanmar (April 2018–March 2020) and Kenya (currently being coordinated), the activities will be gradually expanded into other regions and countries.

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