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PowerHub is a Toronto-based asset management software built for the Renewable Energy Industry.

Ontario — In an industry where adaptability, innovation, and sustainability reign supreme, PowerHub has announced a significant move to bolster its leadership team. The company has promoted Phil Obendorf from his position as COO to CEO, underscoring its commitment to driving growth and innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Phil Obendorf, an industry veteran with a distinguished track record in operational leadership and team management, has been instrumental in PowerHub’s success to date. The promotion recognizes Obendorf’s substantial contributions to the company and PowerHub’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing superior solutions in renewable energy asset management.


Phil Obendorf promoted from Chief Operations Officer (COO) to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Toronto-based PowerHub.

Obendorf shared his vision for the future of PowerHub:

“We have a fantastic team and a great product that has consistently proven to help our clients become more efficient and scale. Our focus is to put data at the center of the digital landscape to drive decisions and processes, and to create more value for our users.”

PowerHub’s platform, trusted by industry professionals to manage over 11 GWs of projects worldwide, provides powerful invoicing, analytics, and compliance tools. As renewable energy sources continue to diversify and regional needs evolve, PowerHub’s commitment to flexibility and rigorous design ensures it stays ahead of the curve.

Having previously served in various leadership roles at Sysinct and Dye & Durham, Obendorf continues to share a wealth of industry experience and a deep understanding of the renewable energy landscape to his new role. Obendorf’s strategic approach to product management and focus on the user journey have been instrumental in shaping PowerHub’s customer-centric business model.

“We’ve had the privilege of partnering with Obendorf and the PowerHub team,” says Derick Lila, Founder at pvbuzz.com. “Given Phil’s deep industry knowledge and commitment to empathetic leadership, we do not doubt he will guide PowerHub to even greater heights in the renewable energy sector.”

We congratulate Phil Obendorf on his well-deserved promotion and commend the PowerHub team for their relentless dedication to propelling the renewable energy industry forward. As Obendorf takes the reins, we look forward to PowerHub’s next chapter and its innovative strides in the sector.

Here’s to a sustainable future powered by leaders who genuinely care.

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