Powerlily is an app for clean energy enthusiasts to view, share and compare their PV system performance data.

Nova Scotia | PVBuzz Media — Powerlily, a Canadian-based technology startup, announces the launch of its app to help solar installers back up their pitches and grow sales. The app lets installers showcase solar success—which gains customer trust—as they easily display real-time production data from their solar assets on interactive maps.

The Powerlily app also displays environmental indices, customer reviews and high-resolution system photos that the installer or homeowner can easily add to the app.

The app has been in beta for the past two years. Due to positive feedback from initial users across eight countries, Powerlily is officially rolling out the platform to installers in Canada and North America—at large.

“Real performance data for PV systems is surprisingly hard to come by online,” said Tom Rendle, Founder of the Powerlily app. “I believe making this data widely available and displayed in an easily understandable way will play a key role in increasing adoption of solar.”

Powerlily can be displayed on external screens to showcase system beneficial information such as environmental indices, customer reviews and high-resolution photos that the installer or homeowner can easily add to the app.

The Powerlily app works by connecting to the Enphase Enlighten monitoring service via API to index and display system data. Installers can add their systems to the app with one click.

The app also indexes and displays information such as total AC capacity, commission dates, etc. Installers and system owners can edit their system title and description as well as add photos and equipment specifics such as module manufacturer and DC system size.

The Powerlily app uses up-to-date EPA data to develop and display indices that showcase the environmental benefits of each system. Indices such as the greenhouse gas emissions offset by the system, the comparable number of cars taken off the road and even the number of trees planted, which relates to the carbon dioxide sequestration potential of the system.

“After two years of using the powerlily app to display our PV system data to the public, I can say that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Michael Rendle, CEO of Watts Up Solar LTD. “Our clients often tell us how they love looking and comparing production data from systems in their community.”

“If I had to make an estimate, I would say that the transparency that the powerlily app provides our customers has helped us close several million dollars of work,” added Mr. Rendle.

The app is available for free to homeowners and installers to display up to 10 systems on a customizable portfolio page. A paid subscription to the app gives installers additional features and the ability to display unlimited systems in their portfolio.

Installers on a paid plan can embed individual systems or the entire portfolio onto their company website or link to their portfolio page on powerlily which can be customized to fit their brand.

“Production data is proof that solar works and will save you money,” adds Tom Rendle. “It is proof that the equipment is reliable and will work for decades. It is proof that every solar panel producing power today is having a positive impact on the environment. The more data we have, the better our case of influencing the rest of the world to adopt solar for their homes and businesses. I hope powerlily can help with that.”

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