SolarEdge boosts protection against hacking with new partnership to embed cybersecurity software in all inverters

SolarEdge will embed Karamba Security’s XGuard software into its products.

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Germany — Karamba Security announced the signing of a production agreement of its XGuard runtime integrity software, with SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy.

With more than 1.25 million connected sites and more than 14GW of PV systems worldwide, SolarEdge aims to protect its connected inverters against cyberattacks.

To provide self-protection, the company will embed Karamba Security’s XGuard software into its products.

Once embedded in SolarEdge’s products, XGuard software continuously and automatically conducts runtime integrity checks. If XGuard software detects a deviation from factory settings (i.e. a hacking attempt), it will prevent and report the deviation to the SolarEdge management cloud.

“We are honored that SolarEdge has selected Karamba Security’s XGuard as its prime cybersecurity solution to self-protect its inverters,” said Ami Dotan, Karamba co-founder, and CEO. “The energy market is becoming more connected and as such represents a lucrative attack target for hackers,” he added. “SolarEdge is continuing its leadership track record in the energy market by ensuring that its customers are protected against cyberattacks. We are privileged to partner with SolarEdge on delivering a new level of security to the smart energy market.”

“With the energy network being a potential target for cyberattacks, SolarEdge is taking a pro-active approach to uphold the integrity of the solar industry by setting a new benchmark for its cybersecurity,” said Meir Adest, SolarEdge Chief Information Officer and Founder. “SolarEdge selected Karamba Security’s XGuard solution due to its strong security measures, which is achieved with seamless integration to support fast time to market. We are excited to team up with this high-growth company.”

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