SunCast Podcast with Nico Johnson: How does resource adequacy work for California energy markets?

Welcome to a conversation on the ins and outs of building a project that incorporates a massive battery component to the equation.

Energy Storage is all the rage in California, and all over the renewable energy landscape in the world. There’s at least one missing element to the conversation to understand how and why folks are able to monetize and deploy these battery systems: resource adequacy.

Consequently, Nico Johnson of SunCast Media dives into the following questions:
What is resource adequacy?
Why does it matter?
Who is involved in the discussion?

He discusses these questions with Will Mitchell, Director of Origination for the Western U.S. of Strata Solar, a massive EPC from North Carolina with over a decade of success developing, constructing, and commissioning more than 150 utility-scale projects.

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