Concord, ON, April 06th, 2016 (PVBuzz Media) Sentinel Solar, a leading Canadian distributor and provider of innovative solutions for commercial, residential, industrial and off-grid solar photovoltaic (“PV”) energy applications, today, announced the official launch of operations at its new distribution facility in Calgary, Alberta.

The Company also announced the introduction of the first ever and only certified Cradle-To-CradleTM Aquion Batteries with the salt water technology to Canada. This is a broader move to better service the growing solar industry in high demand for energy storage for off-grid applications.

The distribution facility, located at 111-1440 Aviation Park NE, Calgary, Alberta, started operations earlier this year with a complete, and highly knowledgeable sales, engineering and support team the industry has come to expect from Sentinel Solar. The facility`s location–close to Highway 2–provides an excellent ease of access for delivery and shipping. Thus far, the facility has met and is on par with all internal business processes and performance metrics (benchmarks) on schedule.

One of the many impediments to renewable energy adoption is intermittency. Understanding that the main solution to this issue is clean, safe, reliable and affordable storage; Sentinel Solar now distributes the Aquion Batteries made with the salt water technology, all nontoxic materials which—unlike Lithium-based batteries—won’t overheat. Aquion’s batteries are durable and have demonstrated an impressive storage capacity. The Aquion batteries are Cradle-To-CradleTM certified for environmental sustainability. This certification means the batteries meet required standards for maximum use of available recycled materials and an optimization of the amount of product that can be recycled.

“We explored many battery solutions alongside the lithium ion batteries in the past, to determine the best product for our portfolio” said Adam Webb, CEO of Sentinel Solar. “Once we got the performance characteristics out of the way—we had to answer these questions—what are we dealing with as a battery, what is the market for that battery, and what is the market going to look for in a battery?”

“It all came back to clean, safe, healthy, environmentally sustainable and affordable. Answering these questions made it evident that the Aquion Battery was the best product to carry.” Added Adam.

Sentinel Solar’s facilities in Canada are strategically located and at capacity to support the industry`s demand across the country. Driven by its zeal to provide the best products, solutions and support—backed by decades of experienced staff—the company has positioned itself as an industry leader to support the changing tide towards future growth of renewable energy applications.

The global solar energy sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, and the recent shift in Canadian policy with regards to climate change mitigation will boost Canada’s solar adoption. A recent growth projection report for Alberta indicates that the province is on path to install 2,000 megawatts of solar by spring 2025. This capacity, coupled with a safe and durable energy storage system like the Aquion, will ensure sustainable and reliable energy availability across the province.

“When we consider how dependent we are on the grid for our daily activities, it becomes difficult to make the switch to a completely off-grid and truly sustainable lifestyle—the Aquion Battery is the solution.” concluded Adam.

Mr. Jason Cohen, Sales Account Manager at Sentinel Solar added, “We are fully committed to supporting our dealers and we are honored to work with the industry`s best. We trust the Aquion battery technology and believe it is the best product for energy storage solutions across Canada. The battery delivers everything we need in terms of performance, environmental attributes and comes with a lower price tag than most batteries in the market today.”

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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