Solar company involved in massive U.S bond fraud allegations

Commercial Solar Power, Inc. Confirms Its Role in Uncovering Alleged Payoffs at The Department of Justice and Government Collusion to Hide Massive Bond Fraud

TEMECULA, Calif. — There have been a number of recent articles regarding a long running payoff scheme to keep the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office from investigating and prosecuting the theft of billions in public monies and massive municipal bond fraud supported by unjustified credit ratings.

Commercial Solar Power, Inc. (CSP) would like to confirm its small role in uncovering this unprecedented criminal enterprise.

CSP has been doing its best to respond to the growing number of phone and e-mail inquiries as best as it can.

CSP believes that the thousands of honest, hardworking employees of the Department of Justice should be given the first opportunity to address all of the public’s questions.

It is CSP’s intention to hold a press conference in early May to address any unanswered questions the public may have regarding our company and this issue.

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