A proposed solar panel project on the roof of the city of Orillia’s new recreation center may not see the light of day after all. On Monday, council committee voted not to proceed with a citizen-led initiative to install a massive solar panel project atop the facility being built on West Street.

Kent Guptill, Orillia’s director of facilities and special projects, told councilors staff does not support the project because there are no rebate programs being offered that would allow it to be financially viable.

In April, a grass-roots citizens group calling themselves Orillia Community Energy (OCE) made a pitch to the council to develop a 150-kilowatt solar installation on the 11,000-square-foot, flat roof of the building under construction on West Street.

Guptill noted the building has been designed “to accommodate a future solar panel project” and he applauded the “good work” of OCE.

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