Increasing cost, endless delays, and long installation times — Matt examines the solar roof tile and shingle problem

Solar panels are like a not-so-fashionable hat. They attach to your existing roof as a separate apparatus. On the other hand, solar shingles are more like a sustainable blanket or in some cases, they are your actual roof. Tesla markets its Solar Roof tiles as the go-to solution for those considering a new roof plus solar panels. But there’s interesting solar tile and shingle competitions out there, like the solar roof shingles from GAF Energy that made a splash at CES 2022.

This means the solar tile and shingle market is getting crowded. But these BIPV products come with increased prices, installation times that still take the better part of a week.

Matt explores what he calls “the solar roof product problem”.

This video was produced and published by Matt Ferrell. It was originally published on his YouTube channel.
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