SolarGaps—the worlds first solar smart blinds for windows

Meet the obvious solar solution for renters or businesses; not able to install large scale solar panels to reduce their monthly power bill.

According to information on the company’s website, SolarGaps are smart blinds that automatically track the sun and generate electricity from its energy.

Once installed, the blinds start powering devices in the home or business.

SolarGaps adjust its position to the optimal angles that allow it to generate the most solar power.

The product integrates with a smartphone app, Google Home, Amazon Echo and the Nest Thermostat and can be monitored or controlled from anywhere in the world.

It can even store power in an available energy storage system for use as an emergency power supply or feed power back into the grid.

The company claims that the product can be custom-made for the same cost as (non-solar) motorized blinds.

“We believe that green energy should be available for everybody.” says Yevgen Erik, Founder of SolarGaps.

Buildings that exist today for housing or businesses have walls with glass in them, so, that’s the window of opportunity SolarGaps is reaching for, with a Kickstarter campaign for its solar panel window blinds.

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    1. @Nicholas: We do not sell these products nor distribute them. We are happy to inform the world that the technology is available. Please visit their website here for more information.

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