Tesla battery storage powers thousands of homes in California

An enormous solar powered Tesla battery storage facility is up and running at Southern California Edison’s Mira Loma substation in Ontario, California.

In what could be described as the largest lithium-ion battery storage project on earth—Tesla is now using battery cells to provide power to thousands of homes.

The power storage facility—which is located in southern California—can provide power to over 2,500 homes all day or 15,000 homes for four hours a day.

This facility can generate 80-megawatt hours of electricity with a peak output of 20-megawatts.

The system uses 396 power packs to provide electricity during peak hours which will help reduce electric shortages while reducing the need for “peaker plants”.

Peaker plants are power plants that run only when electricity is in high demand. These plants are very expensive to maintain, and some of them are only used for a couple hours a day or a year.

The cool thing with this battery storage system is the fact that it can load up or store solar power. This makes it cost effective, and aids in greenhouse gas reduction.

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