During a presentation at the virtual 2021 CES tech trade show earlier this week, German startup Sono Motors showcased its lineup of products which include a trailer outfitted with solar panels. The trailer, which is just a prototype, is capable of generating up to 80 kilowatt-hours per day.

Check out the presentation:

The company also said it will license its solar body panel technology to other companies.

“We are tremendously proud to deliver on our promise to our community to showcase a product that can drive the transition to a solar-powered future,” said Sono’s co-founder and CEO, Laurin Hahn. “This journey started in a garage with a simple idea and has become a great force thanks to the overwhelming support of our community. I speak for our entire team when I say that the next generation Sion prototype is just the beginning, and we are keen to set through to realize our goal. We are looking forward to continuing our progress to deliver the first Solar EV for everyone.”

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