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Maryland — Standard Solar, OneEnergy Renewables, and CleanChoice Energy celebrated the completion of Glassywing, a 2MW community solar project, at a recent event in Dorchester County, MD.

Glassywing, named for a butterfly species found on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, includes landscaping designed to provide food and habitat to local pollinators. The new community solar project allows several hundred Delmarva Power customers to support local jobs, environmental protection, and strengthen community solar while saving up to 10 percent on their utility bills. In addition to representatives from the partner companies, the celebration was attended by local officials and residents.

“We at Standard Solar are passionate about bringing the power and savings of solar to communities around the U.S., transforming the way Americans access energy,” said Eric Partyka, Director of Business Development-National Accounts, Standard Solar. “The Glassywing project demonstrates how solar can fit into the character of the local community and have a long-term impact on a community through providing clean energy, jobs, tax revenue and pollinator habitat.”

“Glassywing is a model for community solar in Maryland, providing multiple assets to Dorchester County residents and the environment. Glassywing clean energy supports the avoidance of 70,000 metric tons of air pollution – the equivalent of removing 14,600 cars from our roads annually. In addition, Glassywing provides the perfect natural environment for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators,” said Kate Larkin, Project Development Manager for OneEnergy Renewables.

“Completing construction is a great step forward for expanding solar access in the region,” said Tom Matzzie, CEO of CleanChoice Energy. “CleanChoice Energy is focused on expanding access to climate solutions. Community solar allows almost everyone with a utility bill to gain the benefits of solar and save money.”

Community solar shares solar energy benefits when consumers cannot install solar panels on their property. Subscribers benefit from the electricity generated at the community solar project, which costs less than the price they would ordinarily pay. The community benefits from local jobs, the expanded tax base, and the growth of renewable energy.

Standard Solar, a nationally recognized leader in the development, funding, ownership, and operation of commercial and community solar assets based in Maryland, funded and will own and maintain the project. OneEnergy Renewables, through its regional office in Washington, D.C., initiated, developed, and permitted the Glassywing Solar project.

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