Sunnova is a leading residential solar and energy storage service provider, serving more than 63,000 customers in more than 20 U.S. states and territories. Our goal is to be a leading provider of clean, affordable and reliable energy for consumers, and we operate with a simple mission: to power energy independence.
  • Sunnova expands its Sunnova SunSafe® solar + battery storage system offering into the state of South Carolina
  • This makes it the 16th market where Sunnova now offers the service.
  • The product lets customers power their most needed lights and appliances for approximately 10-13 hours.

Houston — Sunnova Energy has entered Colorado and New Hampshire, bringing a broad array of product offerings to both states. Sunnova also announced the expansion of its Sunnova SunSafe® solar + battery storage system offering into the state of South Carolina, making the Palmetto State the 16th market where Sunnova now offers SunSafe®.

“We are proud to bring into these new markets the opportunity for homeowners to take control of their energy needs and to power their energy independence,” said William J. (John) Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Sunnova Energy International. “Uncertainty in the reliability of electric grids continues to grow. Our solar + storage offerings can protect our customers from power outages, especially during this time of increasing patterns of weather events.”

Weather events affect regions across the country, and in the Northeast, high winds and tropical storms can knock out power. In 2017, New Hampshire experienced 21 power outages affecting ~450,000 people, with the average duration lasting a little over six hours.

South Carolina is the 7th highest U.S. state for direct hits from hurricanes and tropical storms, and in 2018, Hurricane Florence caused a loss of power to roughly 800,000 homes4. In Colorado, 594 power outages occurred between 2008–2017, affecting nearly two million people. In addition, the average utility rate has risen by 20% in Colorado since 2008.

Sunnova’s products can bring customers greater peace of mind when dealing with power reliability during these weather events. Unlike a solar-only system, Sunnova SunSafe® customers can continue to generate solar energy during the day when a power outage occurs. Any excess energy produced is stored in the battery for use at night or when needed.

When charged at 100%, customers can power their most needed lights and appliances for approximately 10-13 hours, depending on battery capacity and usage. Additional batteries increase energy availability during a power outage.

All Sunnova solar + storage systems are backed by best-in-class 25-year Sunnova Protect™ warranty, and Sunnova’s add-on solar battery storage offering comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 15 years.

“We are witnessing an increasing demand from consumers for reliable and renewable energy,” said Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer of Sunnova Energy International. “We are answering this demand by providing our customers with some of the best solar technology and affordable energy solutions so they can receive a superior energy service at a fair and competitive price.”

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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