Sunrun achieves 100 percent pay parity for employees across the organization

Sunrun achieved 100 percent pay parity for its employees, regardless of gender, who perform similar work in similar locations across the United States.

“Fair and equal pay for all genders and races is a fundamental human right and integral to the Sunrun ethos,” said Lynn Jurich, Sunrun’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “In the United States today, the workplace inequity that exists is unacceptable. On average, women are paid 80 cents on the dollar compared to men. Taking real action to address the issue is the right thing for our business, our communities, and our society.”

Sunrun is the first national solar company to achieve this goal.

The company committed to The White House Equal Pay Pledge in 2016 and completed a comprehensive annual review of compensation practices across all roles in all locations.

In 2016, the company voluntarily stopped asking candidates nationwide for salary history, more than a year before AB 168 was enacted in California, making it illegal for an employer to rely on past salary history when making compensation decisions for new hires.

Sunrun also provides equal parental leave for both male and female employees, and leads the industry in gender diversity at its executive and board levels, with women composing 50 percent of its senior leadership team and approximately 40 percent of its Board of Directors.

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