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California — Sunrun announced that it has expanded its program with SPAN to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and remove barriers for customers who want to electrify their homes and vehicles.

Many U.S. households are built with obsolete combination electrical panels, which often present significant challenges for customers interested in installing rooftop solar, home batteries, and electric vehicle chargers.

Through the program, Sunrun is including SPAN home electrical panels as part of their home solar and battery offerings in select markets to drastically reduce installation hurdles when adopting on-site generation and other all-electric appliances.

With more than 40% of energy emissions coming from fossil fuel-burning appliances in and around the home, switching to electric-powered alternatives has become increasingly more important as consumers seek a cleaner, more cost-effective lifestyle. This often requires upgrading the home electrical panel.

Combined with Sunrun’s offering, SPAN smart home electrical panels enable customers to improve the energy resiliency of their home with solar energy, create fully customizable backup power switches, better manage home electrification upgrades, gain circuit-level visibility, and support the grid. Product pricing will vary according to market and installation requirements.

“Widespread home electrification is vital to achieving our decarbonization goals but required main panel upgrades are often a significant hurdle for customers wanting to shift away from fossil fuels to clean-energy-powered alternatives in their homes,” said Mary Powell, CEO of Sunrun. “This program will accelerate the adoption of home solar and batteries, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and so much more. SPAN’s home electrical panel, with its intuitive app interface for homeowners, will reduce costs and installation complexities while providing improvements to Sunrun’s customer experience through improved visibility and automation of our customers’ energy needs.”

“Sunrun is at the forefront of the clean energy transition, helping to reshape and build a cleaner and more resilient grid through its expanded offerings outside of solar,” said Arch Rao, founder and CEO of SPAN. “This market expansion program will allow us to introduce our smart electrical panels to Sunrun’s solar and battery customers, lowering the costs of installations, and enabling more homes to participate in the transition to a cleaner energy future.”

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