WUXI, China — Suntech Power has extended the product warranty period for its photovoltaic modules as it exhibited confidence in product quality and strengthened after-sale service.

The new warranty policy took effect on January 1, 2016. All modules made by Suntech are now under a 12-year product warranty, extending from the previous 10-year period. Customers of Suntech, benefiting from the extended warranty period, are exempt from paying warranty fees for the extra 2 years.

While most products offered by other brands are covered under a 10 year product warranty, the extension made Suntech one of the few solar module manufacturers around the world, whose products are provided with a 12 year warranty.

Regarding the warranty details, modules including factory-assembled DC connectors and cables will be repaired, replaced, or refunded during the 144 months from the warranty start date if they fail to conform to the standards specified in the warranty. The Suntech warranty is transferrable when the product remains installed in its original installation location.

The move reflects Suntech’s confidence in the quality of its products banking on the cutting-edge and industry-leading technologies.

“Quality is the key to our success, and Suntech hopes to send a strong message to our customers and the market: We are highly confident of the product quality and we will continue to strengthen our after-sale service,” said Tang Jun, president of Wuxi Suntech Power. “The decision to extend the product warranty period is a result from our commitments to better serving our customers and we will spare no efforts to deliver the best products and services to our customers.”

About Wuxi Suntech Power:
Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd., a company incorporated in the PRC in January 2001, produces industry-leading solar products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility applications. Suntech is a Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s tier 1 solar company, based on its bankability and has delivered more than 30 million photovoltaic panels or 9 GWs of installed capacity to more than 1,000 customers in more than 80 countries. Suntech’s pioneering R&D creates customer-centric innovations that are driving solar to grid parity against fossil fuels. Suntech’s mission is to provide reliable access to nature’s cleanest and most abundant energy source.

Derick Lila
Derick is a Clark University graduate—and Fulbright alumni with a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, and Policy. He has over a decade of solar industry research, marketing, and content strategy experience.

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