Sunverge’s DER platform will be used by Nova Scotia Power to co-optimize consumer and grid services

The company was selected following a competitive bid process.

  • The platform will manage peak demand reduction, load levelling, and renewables smoothing.
  • The process will optimize Nova Scotia Power consumer services including PV self-consumption, and backup power capabilities.
  • The company was selected following a competitive bid process.

California — Sunverge announced that it has been selected by Nova Scotia Power,

a vertically integrated utility based in Halifax, Nova Scotia for the Smart Grid Atlantic Pilot project, providing residential behind-the-meter virtual power plant technologies that include Sunverge real-time DER control, orchestration and aggregation platform combined with LG Electronics residential energy storage systems.

Sunverge was selected in a competitive bid process.

“We are excited to be selected for this groundbreaking and highly innovative project and to have the opportunity to work closely with Nova Scotia Power to demonstrate the value of residential battery systems for their customers and to the electric grid,” said Martin Milani, CEO of Sunverge.

“We are confident that Sunverge’s advanced platform will demonstrate the value of aggregating residential behind-the-meter storage systems for the Nova Scotia electricity grid and participating customers. The combination of real-time dynamic load flexibility and grid services is a powerful tool for managing the grid of the future and integrating the growth of distributed energy resources.”

The Sunverge platform will be used by Nova Scotia Power to explore opportunities to co-optimize both consumer and grid services. Grid services, based on day-ahead and intra-day generation planning, include:

peak demand reduction and load levelling,
generation contingency support,
distribution feeder congestion management, and
renewables smoothing.

Consumer services include:

energy arbitrage,
PV self-consumption, and
backup power to critical loads during grid outages.

These value streams will offer additional grid reliability and resiliency benefitting Nova Scotia Power’s entire service area.

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