Due to pricing restrictions, Tesla’s vehicles didn’t get access to Canada’s new $5,000 federal incentive for electric vehicles, but the automaker has now launched a new and cheaper Model 3 with a software-locked range of just 150 km (93 miles) in Canada to get access to the discount.

As previously reported, Canada’s federal government launched a new $5,000 incentive at the purchase of new electric vehicles with base prices of less than $45,000 and that cost no more than $55,000 after options. It disqualified Tesla’s vehicles from being eligible to the incentive because the base Model 3, which is only available as an “off-the-menu item”, starts at $47,000.

In response, Tesla has lowered the price of the vehicle to $44,999 in Canada, but it also software-locked the vehicle to only 150 km (93 miles) of range.

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  1. 150KM is good for most commuters in the GTA. What does it cost to unlock it for greater range later for the first buyer, and later to a used car buyer?

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