Tesla is likely to unveil its electric articulated lorry in October, chief executive Elon Musk said in a statement. The firm has previously said the vehicle would be released next month.

The entrepreneur has excited the trucking industry with the prospect of a battery-powered, heavy duty vehicle that can compete with conventional types of diesel.

Musk said an “unveil and test ride” for the Tesla Semi truck was tentatively scheduled for 26 October in Hawthorne, California. “Worth seeing this beast in person.

It’s unreal,” he said in a tweet.

Bloomberg reports that Daimler has unveiled its new Fuso eCanter, an electric light-duty truck produced under the Mitsubishi Fuso brand:

“The hauler has a range of 60 to 80 miles (97 to 129 kilometers) between charges, depending on body, load, and usage … Daimler is supplying a fleet to several New York City nonprofits and United Parcel Service Inc. has signed on as the first commercial customer in the US.”

Meanwhile, the Scottish edition of the Times reports that “Nicola Sturgeon’s plans to phase out all new petrol and diesel cars in 15 years’ time have been branded unachievable and potentially damaging by a leading engineering expert”.

It adds that Prof Jack Ponton, a senior honorary professorial fellow of engineering at the University of Edinburgh, said “the plan begged the simple question: where is the electricity to run them to come from? According to Professor Ponton, if all Britain’s cars were electric, the country would need another five nuclear power stations — at a cost of at least £100bn — just to cope with demand.”

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