Unique look inside Tesla Gigafactory 2 with solar roof tile production images

With the recent release of these solar roof tile production images, Tesla’s timeline for Solar Roof installations might be significantly closer

Tesla invited local media to tour Gigafactory 2 where the solar roof tile is currently in production (images below).

The company’s new solar power generating tiles are designed to be unique in both functionality and aesthetics.

Being constructed from tempered glass, the tiles are designed to look almost indistinguishable from conventional roof tiles despite featuring a full-fledged solar panel.

The tiles are pretty durable too, capable of surviving impacts that would otherwise compromise traditional roof materials like terracotta and slate.

Paired with Tesla’s Powerwall 2 unit, the Solar Roof has the potential to give customers true independence from conventional power grids.

But for the most part, Tesla has been fairly silent about the progress of the tile production.

There were signs that a ramp-up was happening back in 2018, but with this latest move (which involved inviting local media to tour and film the tile production process) it might just be possible that the process of Solar Roof installations are closer than we think.

Tesla released these rare images of Gigafactory 2, where they manufacture their solar roof tiles (Image collage created by Electrek)

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