Tesla teases what could be the world’s largest rooftop solar install–once completed

While this isn’t the largest solar setup in the world yet, it might be the largest rooftop array.

Tesla’s Gigafactory, located in the U.S. state of Nevada, was constructed out of necessity to help the company fulfill its mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

The Gigafactory helps Tesla achieve this goal by producing Model 3 electric motors and battery packs, in addition to Tesla’s energy storage products, Powerwall and Powerpack.

The factory is also a workplace for over 3,000 workers, and Tesla’s goal is to power it with solar energy.

We got a tease at what the scale of this install will look like from a tweeted image of the Gigafactory’s solar panels.

Tesla says once complete, the install will be home to the world’s largest rooftop solar installation at 70 megawatts with roughly 200,000 solar panels.

The photo shows an east-west racking structure utilizing about 350 W 72 cell solar modules.

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