Tesla’s Model Y crossover to offer 482-km range, 7 seats (wired.com)

Tesla delivered 139,300 vehicles this past quarter — smashing its previous record of 112,000. The company said it produced a total of 145,036 vehicles between July and September.

This was the third consecutive quarter of better-than-expected delivery numbers from Tesla. The numbers also top analyst projections which expected Tesla to deliver 137,000 cars.

The big sellers were the Model 3 Sedan and Model Y crossover SUV. The two vehicles made up 89% of all deliveries at 124,100.

The Model S and X, Tesla’s older and more expensive vehicles, comprised the remaining 11% with deliveries of 15,200.

Tesla says it’s aiming to deliver more than 500,000 vehicles in 2020, an almost 40% increase versus last year.

The company plans to open two more factories in the next couple of years.

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