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The Canadian solar industry is booming, driven by the surging demand for renewable energy and strong government support.

Yet, solar installers in Canada still face a major hurdle: the lack of tailored sales software. Most existing platforms are designed for the US market, leaving Canadian installers struggling with inadequate tools.

Tom Rendle, Director at Watts Up Solar LTD, has recognized this disparity and developed Powerlily.

According to Tom, Powerlily enables Canadian solar installers to generate proposals quickly and accurately, addressing the industry’s need for swift turnaround times.

Could the launch of Powerlily be the game-changer the Canadian solar industry needs to bridge the software gap?

This video was produced and published by pvbuzz media.

Sofia Martimianakis
Sofia is a writer who has public sector and renewable energy industry experience. She holds an HBA from the University of Toronto and an MA in English Literature from the University of Waterloo.

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