Trina Solar announced its 210×210mm i-TOPCon solar cell achieved a world record efficiency of 25.5%

China — Trina Solar announced that its i-TOPCon cell has achieved maximum efficiency of 25.5%, setting another world record.

The result was certified by the National Institute of Metrology of China.

Trina Solar says its researchers solved technical problems related to selective boron emitter, large-area tunnelling silicon oxide and doped polysilicon preparation, and high-efficiency hydrogen passivation. By using mass production cell equipment, they brought the maximum efficiency of large 210mm N-type monocrystalline cells to 25.5%.

“We are extremely proud of these latest achievements,” said Dr. Chen Yifeng, head of the company’s high-efficiency cell and module R&D center, “Trina Solar is thoroughly committed to cutting-edge research and development and has been a pioneer in technological production and manufacturing, helping it to maintain its leading position with its efficient products.”

The achievements have been vital as the company has pressed on with its 210mm N-type i-TOPCon high-efficiency cell project, and paves the way for follow-up development in the high-end market.

Trina Solar

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