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Archive: Prime Minister Trudeau speaks with Katie Telford in his Centre Block Office. November 5, 2015. (Adam Scotti/Prime Minister’s Office) Image Credit: Macleans

In the week of the G7 meeting, there are doubts about Canada’s ability to deliver the two biggest environmental commitments of its own.

These doubts include the Canadian government’s recent decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline.

This decision has placed Trudeau under increased pressure to deliver a solid climate change commitment, which if not provided, is seen as evidence that Europe will have to carry the ball on the climate change agreement.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said it is still uncertain whether Canada will get its proposed zero plastics waste plan signed at the summit.

European G7 members will present a united front on issues including climate change, but it remains unclear if the meeting will be able to agree on the usual joint communique.

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