Trump’s top energy adviser is stepping down

Mike Catanzaro, the US president’s top energy and environmental adviser, is expected to leave the White House next week.

Mike Catanzaro has served as the chief White House staffer on domestic energy and environmental policy since February 2017.

Working behind the scenes, Catanzaro has been “pivotal” in crafting Trump’s energy policies and in rolling back Obama administration environmental rules, such as efforts to repeal the Clean Power Plan.

“He’s played a pivotal role in helping advance the president’s vision for energy dominance,” said George David Banks, a former White House energy, and climate official. “He also has a ton of courage as reflected by his willingness to fight horrible policies and ideas that would have harmed the administration and the country.”

Catanzaro clashed with EPA administrator Scott Pruitt at times, including over Pruitt’s plans to host a ‘red team, blue team’ debate.

It’s unclear who will replace Catanzaro.

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