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THE GUARDIAN: Government blamed as third UK solar power installer goes bust

Another solar company has gone out of business, blaming the government for “killing off” support for the industry.

Southern Solar, which has offices in areas including London and south Wales, has gone into administration. The Guardian revealed on Wednesday that the company was set to go into liquidation. Chief executive, Howard Johns, said: “The demise of Southern Solar is the latest example of human misery generated by the misguided policies of the current government.

“This is a direct result of the government’s recent announcements that kill off support for solar energy via the feed-in tariff scheme.” The company is the latest solar firm to go out of business, with warnings that thousands of jobs are now in danger of being axed.

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VOICE OF AMERICA: India to Bring Light and Heat with Solar Energy

Hundreds of villages in rural India are using clean energy powered by the sun. This month, 61 households in the village of Baripatha in eastern India were given two solar lamps. Villagers had been using kerosene lamps at night. Kerosene produces pollution and can lead to fires.

The Indian government wants to increase the use of solar energy by 500 percent in the next seven years. If it is to reach that goal, 100 gigawatts of power must come from solar by 2022. Now, just 4 gigawatts of power created in the country come from the sun. Officials say they want to slow the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. India is now the third-largest producer of this gas. The gas contributes to climate change.

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TECH INSIDER: Converting your house to solar is now cheaper than a new car

Ten years ago, about $43,000 could cover your home’s rooftop in solar panels. Today the average gross cost is about $29,000 — and the efficiency of converting sunlight into electricity has nearly doubled in that time.

This effectively makes the cost of an efficient solar roof lower than the average price of a new car in the US, which is now $33,560, according to Kelley Blue Book. What’s more, this price tag doesn’t account for renewable energy tax credits and other government incentives, so the cost is likely even lower.

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NEWSDAY: Long Island’s solar-energy industry booming

Long Island’s solar-energy industry is on a growth streak not seen since the dot-com boom.

For each of the last three years, the number of new residential and commercial solar-system installations has broken records on Long Island, with 2015 set to eclipse sales of the previous eight years combined.

The market has been driven by falling system prices, an influx of aggressive large national…

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