UK’s First Medium Voltage String Inverters Used In 13MW Solar Park

FORT COLLINS, Colo., | March 25, 2015 — Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. has installed its medium voltage three-phase string inverters at the 13MW Roves Farm solar park near Swindon, UK.

“Given Advanced Energy’s long-standing history of manufacturing quality string inverters, we were extremely confident in their ability to meet our expectations with regards to the park’s inverter system,” said Mark Hogan, Managing Director of Wirsol UK, the solar park developer. “After comparing them to a number of other European manufacturers, we found that Advanced Energy offered the optimal performance ratio and return on our investment.”

Norbert Apfel, Senior Vice President, Inverter Products, Advanced Energy said, “When used with the relevant transformer, our medium voltage inverter offers 15 per cent more energy production than its low voltage alternative.

This allows our customers achieve the maximum return on investment and energy production for the size and location of the solar park.”

With an input voltage range of 575 to 850 volts and an efficiency factor of more than 98%, the AE 3TL 23-MV is the ideal solution for medium voltage applications on large scale solar projects.

The AE 3TL 23-MV utilizes convection cooling with no moving parts to ensure high uptime and minimum maintenance, a lightweight power-weight ratio, and plug and play configuration to ensure the unit remains safely closed during installation.

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