• Learn how to use end-to-end technology, remotely, to reach your sales goals, fuel business growth, and structure your business.
  • Understand how installers, manufacturers, and financiers use software customization to successfully scale business.
  • Discover the most important variables to consider when customizing a software solution for your solar company.

Ontario — PVBuzz Media Inc. (“”), a leading solar industry news, insight, and analysis platform, will host a free live webinar on “using remote end-to-end technology to boost solar sales”. The webinar is organized in partnership with Solargraf Inc. and SunCast Media.

The Webinar will be Moderated by Nico Johnson of SunCast Media and Presented by Lennie Moreno of Solargraf.

During this insightful and engaging presentation—attendees will learn how to use end-to-end technology to automate, structure, and scale business. They will discover the most important variables to consider when customizing a remote solar software solution to boost sales.

The Live Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM EST.

We invite you to 👉 register here.

The Webinar will be Moderated by Nico Johnson of SunCast Media and Presented by Lennie Moreno of Solargraf.

Nico Johson is the Executive Director & Podcast Host at SunCast Media. SunCast Media produces the popular SunCast Podcasts that engage its audience in lessons learned from experienced solar founders and executives as they unpack their journey to becoming successful solar industry leaders. Nico helps entrepreneurs, executives, and high-achieving sales professionals achieve more in their business and personal growth. He has interviewed the thought leaders and change agents at the helm of the global transition to renewable energy.

Lennie Moreno is the CEO & Founder of Sofdesk Inc., an industry-leading organization that builds intuitive sales acceleration software for everyday use in solar and roofing companies and parent company of both Solargraf and Roofgraf. As a former solar installer (now turned industry executive) Lennie will share tips and tricks on how installers can take advantage of Solargraf’s customizable features to create a solar software that truly adapts and answers to their business’ needs. He will share how the use of white label technologies has enabled solar companies and manufacturers to increase their sales year after year.

The biggest impact of the coronavirus pandemic on solar businesses is how it’s changed the way we work. It’s changed the way sales professionals approach a deal and adapt to a sudden shift in consumer behavior. It’s made us explore tools and flexibility for remote business continuity. Through this webinar, sales professionals will learn how remote end-to-end technology—related to financing, design, quotation, and project management—fits in their sales process. Decision-makers will understand how to implement software customization to successfully scale their business.

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About SunCast Media
SunCast Media provides tactical digital marketing, brand, and content planning for the solar and cleantech industries. Decades of experience across the entire value chain gives our team keen insight into your solar marketing needs and niche. Our flagship podcast, aptly named Suncast, has been downloaded more than 200,000 times in over 100 countries.

About Solargraf
Solargraf was founded in 2013 to streamline the solar sales, financing, and project management process. With over 10,000 users, this market leader became the only platform offering end to end features to properly run a solar business. Sofdesk (Solargraf’s parent company) has raised over 10M in venture capital investment and has since launched custom, automated solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and lenders.

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