Ottawa — With volatile global, national, and provincial markets, it isn’t easy to invest in Canadian renewable energy. You can’t control the markets, but you CAN capitalize on the massive opportunities in Canadian renewable energy.

Introducing: Electricity Transformation Canada
Tap into the Power of Canada’s leading renewable energy and storage industry conference and exhibition!

November 17-19, 2021, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Here’s what you can expect at Electricity Transformation Canada:

1. New technologies, products and services driving the #renewableenergy sector.
2. Strategic connections with diverse stakeholders undergoing electrification.
3. Learning opportunities from leading industry experts to identify and capitalize on opportunities today and in the future #electricitytransformation.

This three-day conference will bring together all the key players from wind energy, solar energy, energy storage, complementary technologies, utilities, system operators, governments and end-use sectors undergoing electrification.

Network and collaborate with them all at Canada’s largest renewable energy and storage industry conference and exhibition!

Capitalize on renewable energy opportunities and position yourself for success at Electricity Transformation Canada.

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