Research and consultancy group, Wood Mackenzie plans to shut down Greentech Media

Huge blow to the cleantech and renewables industries

Wood Mackenzie, a Verisk business — also known as WoodMac — is an oil, gas and renewables research firm supplying data, written analysis and consultancy advice.

The company acquired Greentech Media for approximately $40 million in 2016.

What’s going on?

Wood Mackenzie plans to shut down the news portion of the Greentech Media brand in mid-March.

What this means!

This is a huge blow to the industry, considering that we are in the midst of a transition towards cleantech and renewables.

Some might believe this is another “buy and kill” scheme by the oil and gas sector.

But seeing that Wood Mackenzie will continue to expand and grow the popular Energy Gang, GTM podcasts and Greentech events, this might just be a business decision geared towards focusing on what works best and is profitable.

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