YouTube takes down controversial Michael Moore-produced documentary Planet of the Humans

The Michael Moore-produced documentary “Planet of the Humans” has been pulled from YouTube due to a copyright claim by a third party. The move was denounced by writer-director Jeff Gibbs as a blatant act of censorship.

It was taken down following a copyright claim over four seconds of footage contained in the film. It comes 37 minutes into the documentary, in a sequence titled “How Solar Panels & Wind Turbines Are Made.”

The documentary, which has drawn criticism from environmental groups for its harsh assessment of the efficacy of solar and wind energy, has garnered 8.3 million views since its release on YouTube on April 21.

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  1. Good. I respect Michael Moore, so I watched it before it was taken down. Utter and complete rubbish. I’m surprised he would want his name associated with a film so full of misinformation and lies. It makes me wonder about other films of his that I’ve watched.

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