California governor says Trump’s ‘gross ignorance’ is the main obstacle in climate change fight

The governor of California has accused Donald Trump of “gross ignorance” over climate change, as he signed a bill requiring California to remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than it puts in by 2046.

Brown, who not only signed a bill that calls for 100 percent of the state’s electricity to come from carbon-free sources by 2045, but also penned an executive order demanding that California completely eliminate net emissions across its economy, including transport and agriculture, by the same year.

Jerry Brown told the Guardian: “I don’t believe Trump represents the present but he has the power, he has the Republicans hook, line and sinker”.

He continued: “His unabashed acolytes will follow him over the cliff. Gross ignorance is dangerous. The battle is with Trump – that’s the number one fight. But once he’s out of there, dealing with climate change will still be a fight.”

The Trump administration has sought to dismantle emissions rules for coal-fired power plants and loosen fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks, the Guardian explains.

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