Microsoft raises the bar by pledging to erase its past and future carbon emissions

The plan includes a $1 billion ‘Innovation Fund’, which will develop carbon removal technology.

Microsoft has set a new ambition in addressing climate change by pledging to remove as much carbon as it has emitted in its 45-year history.

What Happened?

The company announced the ambitious goal and a new plan to reduce and ultimately remove its carbon footprint.

Microsoft says it will be carbon negative by 2030, and by 2050 the company will remove all the carbon it has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975 from the environment.

Why It Matters

Microsoft’s focus on clearing carbon from the atmosphere sets its climate goals apart from other companies that have focused on cutting ongoing emissions.

The plan includes the creation of a “Climate Innovation Fund,” which will invest $1 billion over the next four years to speed up the development of carbon removal technology.

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