This was just one of the Nova Scotian homes outfitted to generate solar energy last year by Nova Solar Capital /The Chronicle Herald

The only solar PV projects development company in Nova Scotia, Canada, says the province’s residential solar energy generation grew 69 percent in 2017, and the trend is expected to continue this summer 2018.

The Kentville-based company—Nova Solar Capital—that was launched in the fall of 2016, says it hopes to do as many installations this year as last, and even more.

The company says it completed 42 installations alone in its first year, accounting for 44 percent of the province’s residential market.

It’s residential installation program is processed through the Solar Scotia Energy Community Economic Development Investment Fund (CEDIF), which is also managed by Nova Solar Capital.

The majority of the company’s residential solar customers are investors in the CEDIF.

According to Nova Solar Capital, Nova Scotians can invest in Solar Scotia Energy from their RRSP savings and receive N.S. equity tax credits worth up to 65 percent of their investment.

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