Sentinel Solar's AHI(TM) Wave Energy Storage System
Sentinel Solar's AHI(TM) Wave Energy Storage System Features Industry Leading Inverter Technology and the Safest, Cleanest, and Most Reliable Battery Chemistry Ever.

CONCORD, Ontario, Sept.08th, 2016 /pvbuzz media/ Sentinel Solar, a leading Canadian owned and operated solar products manufacturing and distribution company, will unveil its new energy storage system (ESS)–the AHI™ Wave, at this year’s Solar Power International Conference in Las Vegas. Developed in partnership with leading global inverter and energy storage manufacturers, the Wave is a complete “plug and play” system; designed for residential use on new and existing grid interactive and off-grid energy storage applications.

Sentinel Solar’s AHI™ Wave ESS is a complete solution that integrates the industry’s leading and only Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) Aspen battery technology from Aquion Energy. The system incorporates an inverter designed and developed with world-class technology from Outback Power, including all wiring and communication devices within a fully engineered, robust enclosure.

“Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, have vast potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions in the electric sector but rapid adoption of these sources have been stalled due to the lack of sustainable and reliable energy storage capability,” said Adam Webb, President, and CEO of Sentinel Solar. “The AHI™ Wave’s complete energy storage solution addresses the issues faced by varying power demands and intermittent production from renewable energy sources.”

The AHI™ Wave ESS is designed to make the installation and setup simple with minimal hardware, drop in paneling and simplified wiring inputs. The base unit boasts a continuous output of 4kW with scalable flexibility for future expansion–thanks to its sophisticated system design–the Wave can grow as your energy demands change.

The AHI™ Wave ESS requires no active maintenance which makes it cost-efficient due in part to the high-performance AHI™ chemistry at its core. Aquion batteries coupled with leading Outback inverter technology makes the system cleaner, safer, and smarter.

The Wave ESS

The Wave ESS From Sentinel Solar Features Industry Leading Inverter Technology and the Safest, Cleanest and Most Reliable Battery Chemistry Ever.

Applications for the AHI™ Wave ESS transcends residential energy storage by offering solutions such as; peak load shaving, grid stabilization, self-consumption and remote power applications. The AHI™ Wave ESS closes the loop in the clean energy cycle to create a truly sustainable way of producing, storing and consuming clean and sustainable energy.

“Sentinel Solar designs and manufactures its products with skills and knowledge supported by strategic partnerships with emphasis on product performance,” added Adam Webb. “We believe bridging industry leading technology with core Sentinel Solar expertise and engineering, leads to the design and manufacturing of affordable, reliable and durable products.”

“The AHI™ Wave is the latest product to be developed by Sentinel, and the passion behind it shows in the finished product,” said Jason Cohen, Sales Manager at Sentinel Solar. “The Wave was designed with three key drivers in mind; safety, simplicity, and reliability. We strongly believe that not only do the products we produce need to work, but they need to be simple to install, this improves installer efficiency and lowers overall cost to the consumer.”

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