Solar Canada Conference and Exposition
View of attendance at a Canadian Solar Industry event, Solar Canada Conference and Exposition hosted by The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA).

Alberta has committed to tripling the amount of renewable electricity in the province to 30% of annual electricity produced by 2030. Saskatchewan has committed to doubling their supply to 50% by capacity in that same time frame. Both provinces will be initiating their first utility-scale solar competitive procurements in 2017.

To give you the full picture of what this means for the industry, we’ll be hosting an afternoon breakout session on the topic of, “Utility-Scale Solar Competitive Procurements in Western Canada” and we’ll hear from Mike Marsh, President and Chief Executive Officer, SaskPower, during the keynote luncheon.

Mr. Marsh will speak to Saskatchewan’s 50% renewable capacity by 2030 target, how SaskPower will be adapting and evolving to thrive in a lower carbon future and the opportunities that will emerge for the solar industry in Canada’s sunniest province.

If you’re not yet registered for Solar Canada, grab your conference pass today. This is THE place to get all of the latest news and developments for the solar industry as a whole.

An Anticipated Hot Topic at Solar Canada: Solar Rises as Federal Government Releases Mid-Century Decarbonisation Strategy

The Federal Government has submitted a document titled, “Canada’s Mid-Century Long-Term Low-Greenhouse Gas Development Strategy” for consideration and in it, there are some exciting highlights for solar.

The chapter titled Decarbonisation and Expansion of Canada’s Electricity System presents solar electricity generation increasing significantly to reach levels between 18 TWh (1 per cent of total generation) and 99 TWh (6 per cent) in 2050 representing approximately 10 to 60 GW of cumulative installed capacity in operation. This implies a Canadian solar market of 100’s to 1,000’s of MW per year for the next three decades.

This will most certainly be a hot topic of discussion during this year’s conference as the federal government moves towards virtual decarbonisation by 2030.

Don’t Miss This Breakout Session: Community Solar & Virtual Net-Metering

The definition of “Community Solar” varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In all cases it involves the participation of civil society in a solar electricity generation project.

This panel session moderated by Ben Greenhouse, Vice President, Potentia Renewables Inc. will explore existing and proposed approaches to community solar and virtual net-metering that exist across a number of jurisdictions and will examine the compatibility of each for the varying provincial and territorial electricity market structures of Canada.

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